Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Changing the Routine

Again, compared to yesterday, my day today was much better.  I was still pretty tired when I woke up this morning, but I found an email from Writer Guy in my inbox so that energized me.  Work was WAY boring, but I spent a good three hours or so replying to the email Writer Guy had sent, and that helped.  Oh, and I got McDonald's on the way to work since I got paid yesterday and had $4 extra from paying my parents back and paying Meredi for utilities.

I spent the entire day texting and chatting with Tiffany and Writer Guy, and that was fun.  Writer Guy and I had made plans to have him come over after work tonight back on Sunday, but I'd told him yesterday that my stress level was high so I might want to have some alone time.  It took me until almost 4pm to make up my mind, but I decided to have him come down around 7 or 8.  I picked him up from the bus and we came home and I crashed.  When I get home from work (and this includes when I get home from being at my parents house after work), I am so exhausted and I generally spend the remainder of the evening watching TV and just zoning out, which is what I did even though he was here.  I perked up right about 9, when Conan came on, and we watched Conan and then took turns showing each other interesting stuff on youtube, and now here we are.  He's going to spend the night tonight, and then hop on a bus home in the morning because I have to pick my dad up from his colonoscopy and get my first Lupron shot (assuming it doesn't cost me anything) around 10.

He spent a lot of time reading my past blogs last night and his email to me (the one I saw when I woke up this morning) was full of the thoughts he had and questions he had about the content of the blogs.  I loved getting such a long response to my blogs, and that he was so interested in finding out more information about my life.

We are slowly finding out more things that we have in common (tonight: the ability to pronounce names correctly and being able to remember names of people we've just met) and things that we have different opinions on.  I think he's more put off by our differences than I am, but that's okay.  I think my awesomeness will help make up for that.

And I'm so tired, so I am going to suggest we get to bed soon.  His sleep schedule is a little different than mine since he doesn't have to work until 1pm every day, but at this point I've been up for going on 18 hours and that's enough for me.  Normally I have so much trouble sleeping next to someone new, but as I'm really tired AND I feel so comfortable around him I think I will be just fine tonight.

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