Saturday, May 28, 2011

Deja Vu All Over Again

I knew when I woke up that today was going to be good.  The weather was beautiful when I woke up, which was right about 8:30 this morning.  I rarely wake up that early on the weekends, but I needed to be at my parents house to have cake with the family.  So Phoenix and I went over, and the boys were really excited when I got there because that meant they could have cake.  For breakfast.  However, right as we were sitting down to sing happy birthday, Z put some toys on the table (little plastic food: a chicken, some french fries, some bread, an orange) and called them "dessert" and wanted us to "eat" the "dessert" after we got done with the cake.  I told him that we don't allow toys on the table while we eat, and that I didn't care what he wanted, rules are rules.  He got really upset, and when his mom came in and saw what he was upset about, she got pissed.  She sent him to his room, but he came out to sing with the rest of us, and then got all upset right in the middle of it again, and we all stopped singing.  It was the first time my sister has been able to ruin someone else's birthday besides her own, and it was her and Z this time.  She said that it was like fighting with herself, and my mom said that she was pretty sure she'd had that same fight before.  Apparently Z doesn't handle others having the attention very well because he acted very similarly at a birthday party he went to a couple of weeks ago.  While it's not entirely surprising to us that he acts this way, it's definitely concerning because these are really early signs that he's going to turn out a lot like his mother and that is really scary.

After the cake, and after Z had settled down, we let the kids play while we waited for them to leave.  My sister was supposed to drop them off at their dad's on her way to work, but ironically, their dad called about an hour before they were to leave and said that he was in Fort Collins and wanted to know when she was dropping the kids off.  He claimed that they'd never solidified the plans for her to drop them off early.  My sister was beyond livid.  So then the plan was that he would come and get the kids on his way back from Ft. Collins.  We expected him around noon, and I texted him to find out when he'd be there, and he said that he'd just arrived in Boulder, needed to grab a shower and switch cars and he'd be on his way.  That pissed my parents off pretty well because by this point my sister had left for work and they'd planned on running some errands after the kids left.

By this point it was time for me to go get Boyfriend, so I had to leave, but I was planning to have arrived before my sister's ex-husband got there to pick up the kids so my parents could be on their way.  When we got there, though, my mom and my little sister had left to go do some shopping (as part of my little sister's birthday present), so it was just me and Boyfriend.  We took Phoenix on a walk down to the park while it was still sunny and then came back and relaxed for awhile.  Did some crossword puzzles, talked, looked at books.  It was really relaxing!  My parents got back, and I needed to finish dying my sister's hair (with red streaks, which turned out pretty good), and it was time to eat before we even knew it.  Boyfriend was really great, he sat and talked to my parents while I worked on my sister's hair, and dinner was delicious.  Perfectly seared steak with artichoke hearts and Bearnaise sauce.  SO GOOD.  Boyfriend and I did the dishes and then left.  Since we got back, we've watched The Hangover - he hadn't seen it and I napped during it - and just sat and talked.

When Boyfriend was telling my parents that he'd been a ghost hunter briefly, my sister heard it and asked me quietly, "Did you get him out of a catalog?!"  I burst out laughing.  She's right!  It's funny because it's true!  He's got all the qualities I could possibly want, and I can't find anything wrong with him!  I even asked my mom if she could see anything wrong with him, and she said no.

All in all, it was a really good day.  No solid plans, time to relax and just sort of do nothing, had some drinks, did some socializing, had some delicious food (the cake AND the steak!) and tomorrow is going to be even more relaxing.  I'm excited to nap and relax and talk and kiss and just pretty much be wrapped in bliss with my puppy and this wonderful man who likes me so very much.  That's it for today!

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