Monday, May 23, 2011

Time Flies When You're Preoccupied

Another day, another dollar.  I dropped off Writer Guy at the bus stop this morning so he could make his way home and so I could head to work.  Poor Phoenix wouldn't eat this morning so he'll be absolutely starving by the time I get home.  Aside from a couple of crappy attitude-ed callers this morning, the day has been pretty unremarkable.

I have been trying to get all my school shit together before it starts next Tuesday, but it's been rough because something about the computer systems that CU uses has made it nearly impossible for me to get enrolled and registered for classes without having to call in to report some problem or another.  I still have a few kinks to iron out, but I'm optimistic that I'll be all ready come next Tuesday.  I've emailed my professors to get the list of books I need to buy to be prepared for class, since they're not showing up on my accounts anywhere (they're supposed to) and heard back.  I already have a set of Criminology books from the other Criminology classes I've signed up for but not completed, and I am hoping I don't have to buy hundreds upon hundreds of dollars of new books.  I might still get lucky.  I'll need to go into the storage unit to see if I might already have the required this week, hopefully before I go get my student ID and see the Financial Aid people on Wednesday.  I plan to get A's in all my summer courses.  Anyway, where I was going with all this is that I finally was able to talk to my Anthropology adviser about my degree audit to make sure that I wasn't misreading it in any way and that I wasn't mistaken about the amount of credits and required courses I have to complete in order to graduate.  And interestingly, I've been correct!  I really only have 15-16 credits left!  And I have three classes this summer and I'm hoping for two this fall, so that will be it for me!  I've already enrolled myself in an Anatomy Lab (which I fully intend on acing this time around) that is from 6-8pm on Mondays and Wednesdays (I don't have to worry about scheduling around work!) and I want to take Advanced Osteology, but I need permission from the instructor, which I have already emailed him for today.  So at this point, it's a waiting game.  I may need to sign up for one additional class for the fall, but I'm trying to be prepared to do that by picking some classes that might work with my work schedule ahead of time.  I, again, need to still work my Financial Aid stuff out, but again, I'm optimistic.  Either way, I can start planning solidly on graduating in December of 2011.  4 years behind schedule. 

Last night, Writer Guy and I talked quite extensively about what my issues are with whatever it is that is causing me to be hesitant about jumping in with both feet with him - because it's clear that he's ready to jump in, as long as I am willing to do the same.  I am having the most difficult time figuring out what the hell my problem is.  Here I have this great guy.  He's nearly everything I could possibly ask for in a partner.  He's endlessly smart, he makes me laugh, he's clever and witty, he's kind and caring, he's got morals and ideals that seem to line up with mine, and he really, really likes me.  What more could I ask for?  And yet I'm apprehensive.  I'm still apprehensive, even now.  It's like, whenever I am physically in his presence, things are great and I'm ready to take whatever leap of faith I should be taking, but I begin to question things when we're apart.  And I can't reason that out. 

Either way, it's after 4pm already (THANK GOD!) and the day has literally flown by.  I get to go home to my puppy and snuggle the crap out of him.  I might have brinner (this is from Scrubs - breakfast for dinner), and go to bed early.  If I can get Phoenix to forgive me for having someone else in our bed last night. 

Oh!  And I think I wrote about the bird shit on my car yesterday.  Well I woke up this morning to yet MORE bird shit on my car, on the roof, right over the driver's seat.  It's like some bird has dedicated that place to his personal toilet.  Anyway, I rolled down the window on my drive to work, and two enormous, wet goops dropped into my car.  One was literally millimeters away from landing on my leg.  It landed on the seat adjustment handle instead.  There's an old adage that says that having a bird poop on you is good luck, so I wonder how this bodes for me.  A bird didn't literally poop ON me, but the poop nearly landed on me, so what sign can I take from that?  Aside from being totally grossed out and having to wipe said bird shit off my seat (and there's more on the floor under the seat, too)...

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