Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love of the Rain

Not much to write about today.  Had to get up and out of the house by 9:30 to pick up my dad from the hospital and also get my first monthly Lupron shot.  I'm officially about to go into menopause.  I think I probably won't have to pay too much for it, either.

Writer Guy spent the night last night (but don't worry, there wasn't any funny business), and it was really nice to wake up to him this morning.  I've mostly forgotten how to sleep with another person in bed, and when you add a big dog to the mix, it's even harder.  So neither one of us slept great.

Anyway, I napped most of the rest of the day.  While it rained and thundered.  That's my favorite way to nap.  I also got some cleaning done and got a little laundry done.  Didn't go to CU to get my financial crap sorted out, but I can plan to do that next Wednesday.

I'm beat.  I need a really good night's sleep to get through the next two days.  And it's still raining so I'm going to stop there and pass out.

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