Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Efficiency, And I Don't Just Mean Energy

Welp, I got a lot of crap done today.  I was awakened at 9:30am by Writer Guy at my door with donuts.  We ate them.  They were delicious and amazing.  Then we napped til about noon.  We went to my parents house to say hi, then went over the storage place to look to see if I happened to have any of the books I need for my classes (I didn't), then went up to Boulder to take care of business.

I talked to Financial Aid about my awards and made sure that I would have enough grant and loan awards to pay for the 9 credits of classes I'm taking.  Everything looks good there.  Then I got a new student ID, using the old picture (yay!  I look so much younger!) and then drove around Boulder for awhile.  It didn't rain today, and the sun even came out.  It ended up being a really pretty day.  I gathered my old text books from the last time I was enrolled in these same classes to see if I might be able to sell them back, and managed to sell one of like nine books for a total of $4.00.  Out of about $600 in textbooks.  YUCK.

Then it was back down to my parents house to wait for the kiddos to get there.  We took Phoenix down to the park, and then played with the kids until dinner.  We played for awhile after dinner (he's so great with kids.  When they first got there, H wouldn't even look at him and he told my little sister that he didn't want to be friends with him but by the time we left they were playing hide-and-seek), and came back to my house.

It's been a relaxing and efficient day.  It was kind of nice to have company on my mission to get answers, but I would have been fine on my own.  Either way, I got the stuff done that I needed to get done, so that's good. Tomorrow is continuing to cover my bases with stupid Wells Fargo for in-school deferment of my loan.

And now I'm ready to relax some more and get some sleep.  He's spending the night again, and I'm getting used to having him in my bed.

And I talked to Kara last night for like two hours and that was great.  I miss her like crazy.  She's such a great lady.

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