Friday, May 6, 2011

The End of Compassion?

Don't have much to write about today; I don't feel like writing anyway, so it works out.  I'm creeped out by the guy at work.  I serious began to fear for my well-being today.  I had an argument with my parents because I didn't want to watch the kids tonight while they ran to Lowe's.  They had the kids all day and they were both completely exhausted from it.  They then made a really good attempt at making me feel guilty for not wanting to be there, and it worked.  I do feel guilty.  But the kids are not my obligation and I feel like I need to set some boundaries for myself.  I feel like they take advantage of the fact that I both have very little social life of my own and that I love the kids and would just about do anything for them.  I've been really lax about any boundaries I may have already established by being there as much as I am, and perhaps it's time to change that.  One of the reasons I moved out is because I couldn't take being around the kids all the time.  I am not a parent.  I have made choices in my life to prevent that from happening.  They may not be the parents of the kids but by letting my sister live there, they've taken the responsibility for being the main guardians if my sister isn't available (which is pretty much most of the time now that she's working and I bet she loves that).  So I'm doing my best not to feel guilt about not staying with the kids tonight.

I'm over today and this week.  Plan to sleep in late tomorrow and maybe go for a run, take Phoenix to the dog park, and spend most of the day outside, either reading or doing yardwork.  I was thinking about being at my parents house for the day, but after the argument today I am going to stay away from there for awhile.

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