Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last Sunday Before School. Nervous. Excited.

I really don't feel like writing tonight. It's been a nice, relaxing day. Boyfriend and I slept in and mostly just lazed around. We left the house to get gas for my car, take Phoenix to the dog park and hit McDonald's. I have been craving a cheeseburger from there for a few weeks now and I was finally able to have one. It was delicious.

Boyfriend made his Kick-Ass Nacho Dip for the BBQ tomorrow and he let me try it and it is amazing! We've just been watching Weeds this afternoon.

We've got stuff to do tomorrow - I need to get my books and I want to make some food for the BBQ, too. My salsa fresca. It's so yummy!! I perfected the recipe last summer and I can't get enough of it once I start eating it.

Anyway, now we are going to just goof around on the internet and watch crappy TV until we fall asleep. Phoenix is being super snuggly and adorable. I'm in my happy place with my boys and I feel pretty contented.

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