Sunday, May 8, 2011

Worst. Mother's Day. Ever.

I could probably write 100 pages on what today was like for my family and me. But I really, sincerely don't want to rehash it all right now. I'm totally emotionally drained and I don't think I could handle having to go through it all again. Suffice it to say that today was easily a front-runner for one of my worst days in the year 2011. I'm hoping that with some wine and TV tonight and a good night's sleep I will be able to go through it all tomorrow.

And as much as I love dogs, I'm seriously entertaining murdering my roommates's dog, Rainey. She has eaten about the equivalent of two or three days worth of Phoenix's food and that shit is expensive!

That is all. Here's to a 180 degree turn from last week.

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