Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

Not much to write about today.  It was about 180 degrees different from yesterday.  I think I actually had my first panic attack in a very long time in the car on the way home and when I finally made it home I forced myself to take a couple shots of whiskey to calm down.  That helped a lot.

After work today I went and helped my mom with the kiddos.  My little sister came down to be around for when my mom had to pick my dad up from the airport.  I gave the baby her bath and put her down and she  mostly was in charge of the boys.  It helped to have man-to-man defense like that.  I didn't feel nearly as harried as I normally do when I left.  It just felt easier.

I'm pretty tired.  I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open at this point and I still need to wash my face before I go to bed, but Linda's in the bathroom doing God knows what for God knows how long.

I'm real excited to sleep in tomorrow and to have virtually nothing to do.  The kids are going back to their dad at 11am tomorrow instead of 5 since my sister has to work all day and it just seemed more logical for the kids to be with their dad if he's not at work and their mom is at work.  I think my mom is really excited that she'll get that extra 6 hours to herself.  I'm meeting up with a guy that I've been talking to online (yup, another free dating site!) tomorrow evening, I think, for a cheap and fun date-type thing.  I'm not sure if it actually is a date, but either way he and I seem to connect really well so I'm looking forward to meeting him in person.

Onward!  Let the relaxation commence!

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