Sunday, July 24, 2011

And So On and So Forth

Cleansing today, so the plan was just to lay low, which I did. Napped on and off. It was nice and cool all morning but the heat got pretty bad around 2. Interestingly, though, Meredi decided that she wanted to get the swamp cooler working today. I was unaware we had a functioning cooling system in this house. I helped Meredi a little to get it working, and now that it's on, it's quite comfortable in the house. I did a bunch of ab stuff once my room felt cool enough and now my middle muscles have quit working. So I must have done just enough work. That feels good. And now it's bedtime. I'm planning to cleanse tomorrow, too, because I ate a few mini candy bars and strands of Red Vines during the day today. I guess when it comes to food, my self-control goes right out the window. But the reason I want to keep going with this is that I'm noticing that the sides/backs of my thighs which had noticeable (to me) pockets of fat that are nearly gone now. And I've has two people tell me that my face looks thinner. So I'm going to keep it going until I leave for NC next Thursday. I said before that I don't know how much the cleanse is helping my exercise routine feel easier than usual, so I'm really apprehensive to stop now. Although I definitely have a touch of inflammation right under my knee. It feels like I've been kicked, like I should have a bruise, but it's certainly not a traumatic injury. So I iced it for awhile today. So it's off to noddyland for me. Gotta get ready for the aggravation of the week ahead.

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