Thursday, July 14, 2011

No Severe Thunderstorms Today! (at least in my areas)

Again, physically exhausted.  Another two mile run today, but this time with Z on his little bike.  It was good to bring him along, and a good motivator for me to try to keep up with him so that I could keep him safe.  I still ended up dragging ass towards the end, but he understood.  I told him he could go with me again on Saturday when I go.  But I'm flipping tired!  I had a hard time sleeping last night because for whatever reason my shoulder hurt.  And I seem to carry all my tension from running in my lower back and traps.  That's where I'm sore from running yesterday.

Today was a little emotionally stressful, just as the last two days have been.  I've been doing really well at letting things sort of just run off my back and not dwelling on them, but that doesn't make them any less of a stress, really.  They're still there.  I finally got to talk to Kara today, who has been trying to get a hold of me for about a week now.  Turns out her mom and stepdad were in a really bad car accident after meeting Kara and her husband in Las Vegas.  Kara asked her mom to take her cat, since they live in a small apartment and already have two dogs, so Kara's mom and stepfather drove out to Las Vegas to meet Kara and her husband and get the cat, and on the way home, they got in a really bad accident.  Kara's mom broke a whole bunch of bones and her stepdad had a major head injury and the car was absolutely wrecked.  The cat hasn't been seen since.  I didn't really know what to say, aside from I'm so sorry, and be as supportive as I can be.  It just makes me want to fly out there just to give her a hug if nothing else.  She's handling it really well considering the extent of the trauma, but I wish I could do something more to be there for her.  I feel terrible.

So I talked with her for awhile, tried to help her get her mind on other things (read: my current inability to make important decisions [OCS]).  Ex-friend Jen is out there visiting starting today, so that's why I called her this morning instead of this evening, since I didn't actually call her when I said I was going to last night.  Anyway, I'm really glad I got to talk to her.   I miss her a lot.

I did at one point get SUPER annoyed and bitchy at my parents house.  I need to have protein in my one meal a day and I got some chicken breasts out of the freezer to add to my quesadilla for dinner, and my mom got all frustrated because they were frozen solid and she thought it would take about another hour for me to thaw and cook them (I did it in half an hour, thank you very much) and I got annoyed with my stupid sister because she is stupid and a bitch and a brat and cannot shut her mouth to save her life (seriously, sometimes I wish she'd be kidnapped just to see if her kidnappers would kill her for not shutting up or just give her back out of annoyance).  But I felt a lot better after running, which I knew would help a lot.

I, however, need to get some substantial sleep tonight to make it through 9.5 hours of pure boredom and annoyance tomorrow, so I am stopping here.  Phoenix is adorable and I love him.  I will need to start putting that at the end of all my posts for emphasis.  He's hilarious, aside from possibly nipping some guy on the run tonight.  He just gets confused!  When someone is running or riding a bike near us, he thinks they're playing and so he nips at them.  Oops.

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