Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SPF My Ass

I have several sunburns.  Today was hot as shit.  Actually it said it was only about 90, but it felt as though we were sitting near the surface of the sun.  I had planned to sit out in my backyard with a kiddie (doggie) pool full of water, and read Harry Potter today.  But before I could do that, Tiffany invited me to the pool at her apartment complex with her and her kiddos, so I went!  Apparently I did not apply enough sunscreen, though.  My forehead, nose, shoulder (yes, just the one), portions of my legs, and tops of my feet are all red.  And uncomfortable.  But I'll be okay.  I just get frustrated with myself for not being more careful.  Each sunburn means a decrease in the quality of my skin, and my skin is like elephant skin compared to Tiffany's.  But I had a great time, sitting and chatting with my friend, and playing in the pool with her kids.

I got back to my parents house, where I had left Phoenix around 4pm.  My dad had surgery this morning to remove a bone spur on his heel.  That man has surgery at least once a year!  And he's "hates" having surgery.  He doesn't like the anesthesia part of it.  But every single year!!  He has had surgery on all four of his arms/hands/legs/feet.  Today's surgery was a little more invasive, though, because he was anesthetized pretty deeply and had a bad reaction to it.  He threw up on the way home, my mom could hardly get him in the house, he was nauseated, had a headache, was cold, etc., etc.  He shouldn't have surgery anymore, as bad as it effects him.  Also, it turns out my little niece was really sick last night, with a fever of 104 and the docs told her dad that if she started throwing up to take her to the hospital, and she did, so they went.  My sister says she's okay now, but I'm still worried.

Anyway, I had a sandwich with my mom while it rained and thundered like crazy, and when it stopped, Phoenix and I left.  I ran the first mile in what I'd estimate to be about 11.5 minutes.  I say estimate, because I do time it, but I have to stop at a stoplight and two crosswalks.  We got to the one mile point and the lightning started looking really bright and sounding really close, so we hauled it back home as it started raining again.  The nice part about the storm was that it cooled things off really nicely, but the lightning was a little scary on the way home.  Lightning doesn't scare me.  If I get hit, I get hit.  When I was stung by the stingray, I made my peace with the fact that being struck is a possibility.  I feel like being struck by lightning is a bigger possibility for me than winning the lottery.  So, I wasn't actually worried about being hit, but I was worried for Phoenix.  He doesn't get scared by lightning and thunder, and didn't seem bothered at all by how close it was, but I don't want to lose him, and I certainly don't want to watch him get hit.  That would be horrible.  So I think I'm averaging a 12-minute mile, which is pretty great because a week ago I was dying after two miles.  I think I did it in 31 minutes or something.  I'm going to start challenging myself a little, by trying to run faster, and maybe run a little farther each day.  I need to change up the routine a little bit so this weekend I'm going to hit the stairs at Westminster City Park.  I still feel really good, though, which I'm really liking and I don't know what to attribute that to.  Except for my shoulders hurting, which is retarded since I do not use my shoulders to run.  That's not entirely true, since it's pretty much impossible for a human to run without moving their arms, but I'm not putting pressure on my shoulders in any way that I can figure out, so for them to hurt as though I've been lifting something too heavy is stupid.

I weighed again today, and haven't lost any weight, which is frustrating.  So I guess I really need to streamline for the coming week, and be absolutely certain I am following this program to a tee.  As though I haven't already.  But I need to be extra sure for the next seven days.  I remeasured, too, and it would appear I've lost about 7 inches total (half an inch here and there, a couple inches in the waist, half an inch in the fucking neck). I may not be measuring in exactly the same places though, so I don't trust that implicitly.  The only differences I've noticed are how tight my tummy actually feels, and that my bikini bottoms were rather loose today and had to be adjusted.  I don't SEE a difference, but it might be there.  Tiffany's been extremely supportive and helpful, which I think I probably need.  I'm glad I've got her to talk to about the program, and Kate to talk to about exercising.  It's a good dynamic.

I need to wrap up here so I can do my ab work and catch what looks like it could be an awesome show on the Investigation Discovery channel called True Grime - Crime Clean Up.  I still need to shower tonight, and I'm still dying of thirst so I have to try and drink like a whole lot more water, and now Linda's home so I have to figure out when to get into the damn bathroom around her selfish ass.

As Tuesdays go, this one wasn't bad at all.

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