Friday, July 29, 2011

Number Three and Counting...

My boredom is exceptional today.  Not so much in the sense that it has taken actual physical form and is out picking up trash along highways, but this is post #3 for me today.  I think the only time I've ever posted more than twice in a day was the day I took all my other posts off my other blog so I could get rid of it, and put them up on here.  Today, I'm being a little more original and actually writing my third post. 

I'm starting to wonder if I might need Valium to get through my work days.  It seems like more and more frequently I have trouble keeping my patience with people who are less efficient or observant than myself.  Then I bitch about them on here.  For example, there's a guy here for a "lawyer meeting."  He didn't know the name of the lawyer, though.  When that happens I have to assume it's for the law firm that annoys the most out of me.  The same one with the sign.  I asked if they were expecting him, and if he'd been told to arrive early to fill out paperwork.  He said yes, that his appointment was at 3pm, and they'd told him to arrive at 2:45pm.  This was at 1:50pm.  Who fucking shows up over an hour early for a divorce consultation?  Someone really excited about getting divorced?  I don't know.  But he's been sitting here for the last 50 minutes.  The attorney he's supposed to meet with isn't even here. 

An actual conversation I had today, after a tenant brought it to my attention that the copier was printing lines on all the copies, and I called my boss to get permission to make a service call:

Me: Apparently the copier is printing lines on everything.  Connie just showed me a bunch of her copies.  Do you want me to place a service call?

Boss: You know, I had a bunch of lines on the copies I made yesterday.  It might just be that the glass needs to be cleaned.  Do you know how to wipe off the glass?


What if I had said no?  She's a super nice and polite lady, so she wouldn't make fun of me directly to my face, but what kind of a retard would say no, I don't know how to wipe glass off?  You take a soft cloth and maybe a little cleaning solution of some kind, and wipe the glass off.  The verb "wipe" is the one of the most explanatory verbs out there.  So I don't know - did she ask me a stupid question, or did I set myself up for that?

There's a kid who works for a company that just started renting an office in the building.  On one of my better days, I made friendly conversation with him about the Women's World Cup, which according to the laws of attraction (the laws that unattractive males follow), the fact that I showed him any attention at all must mean that I want to go out with him.  I can feel the anticipation building up for the day that he gets enough courage to ask me out for drinks after work.  He asks me if I have plans over the weekend.  If I ever just come to Boulder to hang out (I mistakenly told him I live in Lafayette).  He tries to talk to me about whatever is on my computer screen that so raptly has my attention.  I do my very best to use all the possible nonverbal cues in my arsenal to make him understand that I am in no way interested in further getting to know him or spending any time with him for which I am not being paid.  I refuse to make eye contact.  I don't even look up from the computer screen when I have to respond to him.  These things may all sound like I'm being rude, but he doesn't seem to get it.  And unfortunately for me, I have been in the situation enough times where my friendliness towards someone is misconstrued as attraction, and then the situation is about 80 billion times more awkward than it would have been if I had just turned off my friendliness earlier on.  That's the thing about those types of guys.  They're so desperate for any kind of female attention that any female attention they receive is automatically interpreted as romantic.  Maybe I'll start wearing my diamond ring on my ring finger again...

I feel like a really big ass today. 

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