Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Longest Day

I have been awake, voluntarily for going on 15 hours now.  On a Saturday.   It looks like things have changed for good ol' B.  I got up super early today (that being 7am because it is a Saturday), and went straight to my parents house to take Z for our bike ride/run.  We managed to beat the heat for the most part, although sweat was still dripping into my eyes.  We only did two miles today, to ease my legs back into running, and it's a good thing we did because apparently there was a marathon being run on Big Dry Creek (the trail that meets up with the Airport Creek Trail which is the one we use), which went by the pond at the rec center, so I'm glad we didn't try to go further today.  I'm still debating whether or not to run tomorrow.  If I don't, it means I"m taking over a week off from running, but there are both pros and cons to that.  More about it later.

We got back and I made a doctor's appointment (needed meds) and then went shopping for my dress for Kate's wedding.  I brought Tiffany along, and it's a good thing I did because she was the one who found the dress I ended up buying, which is almost totally perfect for the 40's theme Kate's got for the whole thing.  We also did some maternity shopping for Tiff, which was cool because I didn't realize how comfy maternity clothes are and I might have to buy some just for the fun of it.  The stretchy tummy?  A BRILLIANT idea.

Then I spent 45 minutes at the doctor's office.  Which seems a little extreme for a meds visit, but whatever.  I made it back by noon, at which point I was charged with the kiddos so my parents could go look for an obscure part for my old couch which has been appropriated to my little sister so that it could properly sit on the legs it came with (the first place I lived without Brian, I awoke one morning to the couch having been broken, and I'll never know how - somehow a roommate I was living with then managed to crack the bottom of the couch where the leg screws in).  I got them all down for naps (which requires actually lying down with Z to get him to go to sleep, which worked exceedingly well!), and ended up dozing with Z for a short while.  My parents came home and I was awakened to go to the storage shed with my mom to remove yet another piece of furniture for my sister's new place.  We did that - in less than 15 minutes - and I thought I was going up to Greeley with my dad to bring up the dresser we'd gotten out of storage, but it turns out we were supposed to switch out that dresser with one that actually belongs to my little sister that my older sister has been using downstairs, except she hadn't emptied it as she was supposed to and I was not up to having to move one damn dresser downstairs and move another one up when we had a perfectly useful one in the suburban just sitting there, empty.  So we decided not to switch the dressers out, and my parents will be doing that in the morning tomorrow.  So I sat outside and read Harry Potter for awhile, and then sat down in the backyard with the kids while they played in the slip'n'slide and pool down there.  We all got like 5 new mosquito bites.

By then it was time to get going on dinner, so I prepared the veggies for grilling (cut up red, yellow and orange bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and half a head of garlic, add about 1/4 cup of butter, some salt and pepper, and grill = incredible).  We sat outside doing our normal chat/watch the kids play until dinner was ready and that was really nice.  The baby is picking up words like crazy now so talking to her and having her both understand what we're saying and respond accordingly is so much fun.  Z was throwing some of her toys down off the deck into the yard below, and going down and getting them, and when he came back up one time, she threw her arms up into the air and yelled, "Yay!"  As though she'd been waiting all her life for her brother to retrieve her toys.  But at one point today, I was leaning in close to talk to her, and she pointed to my nose and said, "Nose," then poked me in the eye and said, "Eye."

After dinner, my mom had said she'd do the dishes if I'd get the baby into the bath, but I ended up helping with the dishes, and then I tried to get the baby into the bath but she threw a fit.  She apparently loves being completely filthy, which she was.  During this time, I was winding down to get going home, but then Z rushes in from the garage - the boys had been playing outside with their neighbor friends - and goes, "I need you to come outside right now, H put a bolt up his nose."  I didn't understand a word of what he said, so I made him come in and slow down and repeat himself twice.  At one point I thought he said "bullet" instead of "bolt," but then H came into the house, wherein I was able to see the bolt up his nose.  It was definitely up there.  I spent the next hour trying to convince him and calm him down intermittently so that I could use a pair of tweezers to extract the bolt.  He was absolutely hysterical about the tweezers, which I think is a result of trauma from his mom holding him down to try to get splinters out over the course of his short life.  Anyway, he would not let me get the bolt out.  Which frustrated my dad to no end.  Poor Z was almost beside himself not knowing what to do and wanting to help but just being in the way.  So we decided to take H to the ER.  At first he freaked out about not going to the hospital, but eventually decided that it was the better alternative to my sticking tweezers up his nose to try to get the bolt out.  So my parents called my sister at work, and she met us there.  I hung around until my sister's ex-husband got there, and then left.  She'd said that she wanted me to stay until he got there, and then stay if his best friend was with him, but when he walked into the room at the ER alone, she said I could go, which I did, but I ran into his best friend in the waiting room.  I chatted with him for a minute, but decided it was better for me to just leave.

I grabbed Phoenix, the Dyson vacuum (I'm DYING for a good vacuum job on my room since our house vacuum is useless) and came home. I knew Meredi was having a lot of people over for a barbecue tonight and I'd genuinely hoped I'd make it home to be able to socialize a little, but I missed the entire thing.  I also didn't get to pick up my meds from the pharmacy since it closed at 7pm and it was about that time I was finding out that H had stuck a bolt up there for safe-keeping.

I'm struggling with the decision of whether or not I should go run tomorrow.  My tendons are definitely sore, but the run today wasn't that hard and I really want to challenge myself.  It may be the last run I can do until I get back from North Carolina, but I really want to give my tendons a decent rest so that I can keep running and not have to take a week off every three weeks, or have to take even longer off.  I think I'm leaning towards just nixing it for tomorrow and spending the morning cleaning and getting ready to see Pilot Guy from Wednesday.  He's coming up here tomorrow.  My plan, right now, is to take the dogs to the dog park and go to Santiago's which is a fantastic little Mexican place in downtown Lafayette that I really want to try because everyone raves about it.  After that, I don't know.  I'm definitely excited to see him though.  I'm trying not to get my hopes up (which is something I think I said verbatim about Writer Guy), because I don't know where or how far this might go, even though I know that deep down in my heart I want it to go for awhile.  I haven't written about him yet because I am trying not to think about him, or his situation, or his situation with regards to my situation.  I wish I were someone who could just blindly go into dating someone without any hopes or expectations and just have fun and see what happens, and I'd very much like to be able to do this with this one because I really think it will be in my best interest to do it that way, but I am having trouble.  I had a really great time with him on Wednesday.  It feels just easy to be around him and by myself around him and make conversation with him.  I think he's just the kind of person that puts me at ease.  I don't feel like things are stiff and awkward and rehearsed they way they did with Writer Guy.  I don't feel like I'm being forced to make some kind of decision - not forced by him, anyway.  But I'm definitely concerned about his past, and I don't really want to write about it right now because I don't want to put that much focus on it.  The past isn't always an indicator of the future, but from my experience, the past tends to really influence the future, so that's the short version of why I am trying not to get my hopes up.

Now it's past freaking 10:30pm and I have not done a goddamn thing around the house that I had wanted to do today (wash my sheets, put all my laundry away FINALLY, shower and exfoliate, vacuum my bedroom, put all the random crap in my bedroom away, etc.). So I probably won't run tomorrow morning, and I'll sleep in a little and then get everything done before meeting up with Pilot Guy.  Hopefully.  We'll see.

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