Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, Thou Comest With Force!

I have been annoyed most of the day.  Not with any one person in particular, just in general.  I've done a really good job at hiding my annoyance from tenants and clients at work, thank God, but I am definitely ready to go home.  I actually have one of the top five worst headaches I've ever had in my life right now.  I normally try to go home and hang out with my puppy for awhile, make sure that he knows I'm aware that he spent the day at home.  But I think I am actually going to have to lie down for awhile when I get home.  And that means I'm missing free slurpy day!  I don't have a 7-11 near my house or even on my way home.  Boo.

I had planned to make myself a batch of unbelievably delicious guacamole for dinner, but that may have to wait, now, too, even though I'm starving and Kate got to have Chipotle today in North Carolina (they are just opening one up by where she lives) and I am so jealous.  I took 800mg of ibuprofen and I think it's starting to kick in, but I know my headaches well enough to know that one of this magnitude is not going to go away before 6pm. 

And it's raining.  Again.  I don't mind it one bit, except that Phoenix goes out and runs around in the mud, barking at Jasmine, the neighbor dog, and then comes in all muddy-pawed and gets mud everywhere.  On the carpet, on my bed, IN my bed, just all over the place, and it irritates me to no end.  I also need to start working out this week when I start the diet (assuming the materials were delivered to my house today), and the best time of day to run is either really early morning (I'm talking 5am) or evening, but it's been raining every single evening for over a week now.

I had some anxiety during the day because I had to break to Anna that I won't need Fridays off for class - oh yeah!  I forgot to record this!  I re-emailed the professor of the Advanced Osteology class I wanted to take on Friday, and he actually got back to me really quickly, but his reply was short and impolite.  He said that it's a graduate course and the remaining seats are reserved for grad students.  I don't want to mess with him, even though I am really good at being obnoxious when I want something badly enough, but it actually accommodates my work schedule better if I don't have class on Fridays.  That means I can be in class all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays which is nice because there are actually classes scheduled for just those two days each week.  I've already enrolled in a couple of Criminology-based Sociology courses and re-enrolled in my anatomy lab, so basically, credit-wise, I'm all set to graduate at the end of the fall.  Done and done.  So at least that feels good.  Anyway, I had to tell Anna that I'd rearranged my schedule AGAIN, and I expected a huge hissy fit from her, even though she didn't want to have to work on Fridays anyway, but she was really cordial about it.  And thus my anxiety about my fall work schedule is relieved.

Okay, my head is hurting from looking at this bright screen in this dark building.  I'm going to squeak out of here 5 minutes early since my boss is gone, I think.  Maybe I'll just stop and get food at some drive thru somewhere with my last remaining dollars...

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