Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm Really Tired of Having to Come Up With Titles.

I'll admit it.  I was pretty sure I was going to hate today when I got up this morning.  I couldn't think of a reason I would like it.  Phoenix got me up at 9:30, which was easily like two hours earlier than I would have preferred, so I got up, let him out, and went back to bed.  As I lay in bed trying to figure out what to do, I put the last episode of Dexter on, at which point my cable went out.  Again.  I thought for sure I would have to call on it again.  So I turned on 30 Rock and fell back to sleep.

I finally decided to get up at 12:30.  I got started cleaning the carpet in the entry room, which was wildly successful.  The carpet is clean in the spots that used to be poopy and bloody, and not clean in other areas.  I am not quite finished, but I need to get my hands on some more carpet cleaning solution.  After that, I spent some time working with Phoenix on his separation anxiety.  I started with putting him outside with Nali and then walking out to the front yard and waiting out there for him to try hopping the fence again.  He didn't!  Then I drove my car around the block.  He was still out there!  So I opened the back door so he could go in and out, and then drove my car around the neighborhood again, a little longer this time, and he was in the house when I got home!  So I felt okay about leaving the door open for him to go in and out while I went to show apartments today.  I was definitely nervous, and I was really anxious the whole time, but when I came home, everything was fine!  So I am starting to feel better about Phoenix's comfort level here.

And that was my day.  I actually had people show up to look at some of the apartments today, which helped the time go by a little quicker.  I actually spent some of the free time I had taking pictures of the outsides of the houses the apartments are in because we have no front shots of the house to use for advertising.

The lady dogs were okay today.  Poor Rainey is pretty beat up.  Both her ears are all scabbed over and she's got little cuts and punctures all over her face and neck.  Nali faired a lot better, but she was sore enough to not want to play with Phoenix (despite his many, many attempts to play with her) most of the day today.  I made sure to give both girls lots of love today.  And my mom is coming to pick up Phoenix tomorrow morning so he is not spending the whole day here tomorrow.  Which makes me feel better.

And so for the first time in over a month, I have been able to watch the regular Wednesday night line-up of TV shows that I like, at the time they are on television, instead of at work the next day.  And I will be watching Conan momentarily.  This feels good.

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