Friday, March 11, 2011

The Opposite of Drama

Frick.  So I didn't post yesterday.  I'm not sure it's accurate to say that I forgot because I know I thought about it at least a couple of times last night but I must have gotten distracted or something.  I even thought about posting at work but then decided not to.  I guess nothing dramatic happened yesterday.  Which is a good thing.  Work was boring.  My mom picked up Phoenix in the morning so he spent the day over there, and then I went straight there after work, ate some dinner, played with the kids a bit and came home.  Watched some TV and went to sleep.  All in all, my kind of day.

I have been talking to a few different guys on the free dating website but so far nothing has come out of it.  I have no expectations, though, only some hope that maybe I'll meet a decent guy on there who wants to take me out on some dates and spend some time with me.

Okay, I have to show apartments this morning so I need to get in the shower.  I guess I'll be posting again later if I remember.

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