Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Incredible Ability

I almost forgot again.  But the minute I remembered, I got my ass up off my bed and came over to the computer.  That's the only way I'm not going to forget.

As bad as I felt yesterday is how great I felt today.  I got to sleep in, and when I got up, I got going trying to replace the shower head.  I wasn't able to take the one that's on there off without a wrench, so I just laid around until I had to go pick up Z from preschool.  It's like 5 minutes from my house and my sister had court today in Colorado Springs to be sentenced from the warrant that was out for here there.  She got 5 days of house arrest with an ankle monitor, but she doesn't serve it until next week.  She got so freaking lucky.  She deserves the jail time.  And I guess tomorrow is the hearing to finalize her divorce.  Anyway, when I picked up Z from school, it was so cute!  He leaves right about nap-time, and so all the little kids were lying down on mats and a bunch of them said goodbye to him.  Adorable.  I love seeing that he's making friends.  My plan had been originally to pick him up and then drop him off at home and go run a few errands, including taking Phoenix to Petsmart for dog food and to get him out of the house.  I told Z that was what I wanted to do, but he said he wanted to go with me, so I took him with me.  Getting to spend time talking to him and teasing him, and to have him talk to me was absolutely delightful.  I love that little kid so flipping much, and getting to hang out with him totally made my whole day.  He's really smart and very sweet and very obedient, and he's just a joy to be around!

I dropped him off finally and grabbed some tools and came back home to finally replace the shower head, which I was able to do with zero difficulty and I even did so well that there were no leaks!  I cleaned up the bathroom a little and before I knew it, it was time to go into work.  I had several people show up to look at apartments today, which made the time just fly by, not that I would have minded sitting and reading today because it was so warm and sunny outside.  I did pretty well with my little schpeel and I think I'll be getting at least one new application from today's showings.

My dad was making one of my favorite meals - chicken parisienne - and he invited me for dinner, so I grabbed Phoenix and we went back over to eat.  I got to spend a little more time playing with the kids, and then came home.

The shower head works great, and it's got great water pressure!  I actually felt warm and comfortable in the shower tonight!  I'll need to do a little bit more maintenance on the bathtub to compensate for the higher volume of water that comes out of the shower head now, but I'm feeling more comfy here for sure.  I would have gone out and picked up doggy poo this afternoon too, if I had been able to find a pooper-scooper.  I may have to either buy one or borrow one, but I have every intention of cleaning up the back yard and putting down seed and fertilizer as it gets warmer.  It has major potential but it's not huge so lawn-mowing won't be a huge pain in the ass. I want to get a nice chair for the back patio for reading and I plan to put up some white lights and make it super cool out there for this summer.  I can't wait to be able to sit out there til like 8 reading and I want to have little dinner parties and have people over for drinks and stuff, and I think I need a project like that to work on to keep me out of my head.  I also plan to get my sister's old nightstand fixed and refinished so that it matches the one I did last summer so that I will have two.

And I need to probably get another job.  I'm not making enough money to be able to support myself comfortably and be able to budget it the way I want to.  I saw a help wanted sign at a sand and landscaping company (they sell sand and bricks and rocks and stuff), so I think I'm going to stop in the next time I drive by there and see if they won't hire me.  I can't do MAJOR heavy lifting, but I am smart and I am fully capable of working there, I think.  They'll just have to teach me how to drive dump trucks.

Anyway, I'm in a pretty good mood right now.  I feel like I definitely got out of my head today; I simply didn't have time to think, and I prefer that.  It's just easier that way.  I wish I could make that happen every day.  I wonder if my brain chemistry was somehow different today.  Anyway, I need to get to bed so that I don't wake up hating life and wanting to go back to sleep tomorrow.  I have two more days to get through.  This week is just flying by (thank God)!

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