Thursday, March 31, 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes

I really wish I had something stimulating to do to fill the down time I have at work.   I was so bored today.  And the seconds ticked by verrrrry slowly.

I had dinner at my parents' house with the kiddos and my mom and my sister, and then came home to veg.  I'm so tired that I worry I might not be able to fall asleep.  That happens sometimes, where I'm so exhausted that I lie down to sleep and close my eyes, but can't fall asleep.  Tomorrow is going to be nice.  I have to show apartments and then I have a chiropractor appointment.  I don't really have a lot to do after that, although I really wanted to go to a party that my roommate's company is putting on because it sounds like it would be a lot of fun and I'd meet a lot of new people, but after paying rent and my student loan payment I'm going to have $110 to get me through the next two weeks and I still owe $120 on my phone bill, plus whatever I'm going to owe for the goddamn 1099 Holly finally sent me, which my dad and I estimate is going to be around $500.  Not real sure what I'm going to do to solve this little problem, but I've made a choice not to ruminate on it because I'll drive myself crazy if I do.  If I can just allow my brain to accept that it's a problem but also accept that at the moment there's no quick or easy solution, I will be just fine.  A lot of my shitty moods are triggered by my realizations that I'm nowhere near as financially stable as I wish I were and that I'm not going to have enough money to pay all my bills AND get enough food for me and Phoenix to eat for two weeks.

Right now, I think all I can really do is see if I can pick up all the Fridays for the month of April to make extra money.  I have reason to believe that it won't be a problem, but you never know.  I'll be asking tomorrow when I go in to show apartments.  I need that extra money and that's the bottom line.  I really don't want to be working the extra days, but it's not the end of the world, especially if I can figure out something to do to stave off boredom.

So I've been dog-sitting the little fart-nugget Rainey since Monday, and Linda came home today.  Meredi has been house/dog-sitting all week, too, so I've been alone in the house for the last three nights and it is absolutely glorious.  I haven't had to step around all the nappy black hair on the bathroom floor, or try to work around anyone cooking in the kitchen or anything.  I cleaned out the refrigerator last night and now it is odor-free and that makes me feel so much better.  I'm guessing it was Linda's old and moldy food that was stinking up the fridge.  It's like the woman doesn't know how to clean!  She doesn't clean up after herself with the exception of her dirty dishes!  I don't understand that, especially since she's a kindergarten teacher!  Don't you think she'd be extra sensitive to mess?  Anyway, that's done and it gives me a little more of a sense of organization and control to my life and  I feel like I can relax a little bit more.

I have a date on Saturday morning that I am ridiculously excited for.  I've been emailing with the guy for about a week now, and talking over instant message with him, and he called me last night.  We seem to be able to talk really fluidly and easily, and we seem to have a bit in common.  He seems very smart and nice and funny and he's tall and kind of scruffy which I really like, and he has tattoos!  I can't wait to meet him.  And a Saturday morning breakfast date is really different!  So far, I am liking what I see.

And now it's bedtime.  I can hardly stay awake any longer.  I have my puppy, and a quiet and empty house, with good food in my tummy and a warm feeling in my heart.  I am content.

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