Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Crack and a Poke

Oh boy.  So, last night was a repeat of the night before last, with poor Nali being up and about all night long.  I tried to get her settled in my room, but she kept getting up and walking around, and whining to go outside, so I must have gotten up with her a good 5-6 different times from 9pm on.  I texted Meredi to let her know what was going on and she said that Nali is probably not feeling well because she usually only whines to go outside when she's sick.  Which makes me feel even worse for her because when you're sick, you just want your mommy, and her mommy isn't here, and I'm no substitute even if I do feed her and give her water (she's been drinking like gallons of water) and let her chew bones and give her snacks and let her outside and let her sleep on my bed with Phoenix and me.  I just wanted to help her feel better, but I don't know how!  I don't know what to give a dog with an upset stomach!  We slept with the window open and the fan on last night so maybe she would relax and cool off, but that didn't help.  Poor thing!  It makes me wonder if being around me makes dogs sick!! 

I probably won't have time to write anything later tonight.  Braden, our neighbor, has grabbed Nali from the house and will keep her tonight, and so I am going to run home after my chiropractor appointment and change my clothes(?) and pack an overnight bag and go back to my parents house.  Then I'm meeting up with New Guy #85 (or so it seems, it's more like 5 or something since I've started blogging) for drinks or whatever - we have made no actual plans yet - and then I am spending the night at my parents house since I'm the only one who can take little Z to school tomorrow morning.  God, I love those kids.  Tomorrow is H's 4th birthday and when I dropped Phoenix off this morning, all he could tell me is "My birthday is in March!"  And I kept telling him it is tomorrow, but that didn't really sink in.  So we are going to celebrate his birthday tomorrow and Grammy's on Sunday.  My sister has to work all day tomorrow, so I am spending the day at my parents house babysitting so my dad can get some work done.  Normally my mom is home on Thursdays and Fridays, but she's working all week this week to cover for another nurse.  I don't mind one bit - those kids put a smile on my face and a big ol' warm spot right in the middle of me.  They might as well be my own as much as I love them.

This morning when I came into work, the cleaning lady was still here (I think she may stick around just so she gets to talk to me in the morning because she seems to enjoy it so much even though I quite dread it), and I said to her that I was really tired because Nali had kept me up a good part of last night and that I was nervous about being able to stay away through the day today, and she suggested that I try a Xing tea with energy in it because it works for her (I had mentioned that caffeine and energy drinks don't do anything for me), and then she left and came back with a Xing tea, an energy drink and the Whole Foods version of a 5-Hour Energy for me since they didn't have the Xing energy tea.  So, I was able to stay awake and productive all day at work.  On top of that, I finally had my 90-day review (30 days late) and I got really good feedback from my boss.  Apparently she considers me to be very reliable, and that makes me very, very happy since that was the one thing I was trying to accomplish with this job.  I can tell she likes me a lot.  So I get a $.50 an hour raise (blah!  I wanted $1!), and I get to keep my job.  I also told her that I will be changing my availability come summer because I am going back to school.  Yes!  I have officially been accepted for readmission at CU Boulder!!  I was very worried, but I have nothing to worry about now except getting a schedule put together!

And so I end this post with a positive attitude and a bit of a queasy stomach from all the caffeine.  I'm off to the chiropractor (attempting to sneak out a few minutes early to get there on time) and then a date.  I do so enjoy Thursdays.

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